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Poker Table Game Rules

1. Leelanau Sands Casino is not responsible for the conduct of any player and reserves the right to refuse the use of the facilities to any player at any time without prior notice.

2. By taking a seat in a Poker Game, players agree that Management has the Final Word on who may play and the manner in which play is conducted.

3. No Person under the age of 18 may participate in any gaming activities offered by the Leelanau Sands Casino or L.S.C. Poker Table.

4. A Seat Rental charge of $10 per hour will be charged to play on all poker cash games. All Seat Rental will be collected each hour according to Poker Table time keeping. No refunds will be given if a player does not play for a full hour. At 15 minutes past the hour a $5 charge for Seat Rental until the next full hour. Any seating prior to 15 minutes past the hour there will be a $10 Seat Rental charge no exceptions.

5. Management and Floor Supervisors reserve the right to make decisions that are in the best interest of the game even though the technical interpretation of the rules would dictate a contrary decision, Managements decisions are final.

6. A waiting list will be kept for all poker games, players may reserve a seat no more than 1 hour in advance by having their name put on the list. Players will be paged when their seat becomes available; they will have 2 calls each giving a 2 minute response time. If the player has not arrived after the 2 attempts the Floor Supervisor will move to the next name on the list and repeat the process (the players name will be removed from the board).

7. Smoking is not permitted at the Poker Table except in the designated areas.

8. Eating is not permitted at the Poker Table.

9. The use of Cellular Phones for any reason is not allowed while seated at the Poker Table. Players found using their Cellular Phones at the Poker Table will incur a penalty determined by the Poker Table Supervisor.

10. Speaking in languages other than English is not permitted while seated in game.

11. The use of offensive language or gestures will not be tolerated and may be grounds for removal from the Poker Table. The Poker Table Supervisor will determine the length of time the player will be banned from all Poker Table Activities.

12. All poker games are table stakes and all players entering a game must make at least the minimum buy-in. The minimum buy-in is ten (10) times the minimum bet for the table unless specified otherwise.

13. If a player leaves a game then comes back in less than (1) hour they must buy-in for the same amount they cashed out previously.

  • If a player runs out of chips during the course of a hand, that player is eligible to play all-in for the portion of the pot that they have an interest in.
  • A player may not add to their stake once a hand has begun. Players are allowed one short buy-in after an all-in hand. If a player has another all-in hand they will be required to buy-in for at least the table minimum.
  • All chips remain on the table and in play until the player decides to leave the poker game.
  • Passing chips from one player to another is not allowed.
  • Passing chips to spectators or other patrons is not allowed.
  • The only exception is paying for drinks, cigarettes, offered by the Casino.

14. Seat changes can be made by asking the Dealer. Seat changes may require posting of blinds

15. Players must be seated at the table to receive and play cards. Players not seated will be dealt out.

16. Any form of collusion will result in forfeiture of the hand(s) and the player(s) will be removed from the Poker Table and not to return until the specified time. The Poker Table Supervisor will determine the length of time until the player(s) are eligible to return.

17. Players may not speculate on hands or criticize other players or their actions.

18. It is the players’ responsibility to protect their own hand and right to action.

19. Player’s cards must be kept on or above the poker table surface and in plain view at all times. Cards removed from the table may result in a dead hand.

20. Once a players hand has been mucked by a player’s error or a dealer’s error, that hand will be ineligible to win that pot. Hands will not be reconstructed. It is the players’ responsibility to protect their hand at all times. Players who leave the table while in a hand will forfeit their hand.

21. Cards speak for themselves. A player must show all cards to be determined the winner (unless all other players have folded). The player initiating last action in that round of betting will turn their cards face-up first.

22. All players must act in turn to check, bet, raise, or fold. Any action made out of turn may be binding and can result in a penalty.

23. Show one, show all; if a player shows their hand to another player or spectator the table may request to see the hand also.

24. Players, in a hand or not, may not discuss or show the contents of their hand to other players or spectators at any time until all action is complete. Players are obligated to protect the other players at the table at all times. Discussing cards discarded or a hand possibility is not allowed until all action is completed. A penalty will be given for discussion or showing a hand during play.

25. Players are not to show any part of their hand before action is completed including their own action. If a player is showing a card(s) before action has been completed they may be penalized.

26. A player deliberately overstating their hand, intending to cause another player to act, will result in forfeiture of the pot and may be penalized.

27. The winning hand(s) will remain face-up until the pot is awarded.

28. The losing hand(s) will be placed in the muck pile before the pot is awarded.

29. If player’s cards come in contact with the muck pile, burn cards, or the board cards their hand can be declared dead, this is to protect player’s cards and not be used to win a pot.

30. Raises must be at least equal to the last wager, except in “all-in” situations.

31. In no-limit, less than a full raise does not re-open the betting to a player who has already acted.

32. If a player puts in a raise of 50% or more of the previous bet, the player will be required to make a full raise. The raise will be exactly the minimum raise allowed.

33. A player that places a higher denomination chip into the pot will be considered a call, unless action was clearly stated before the wager was made.

34. No one may play other players’ chips.

35. Playing out of chip racks is not permitted.

36. No splashing the pot.

37. Verbally stated action is binding.

38. String bets are not allowed. All chips must be brought forward past the courtesy line in one motion.

39. Forward Motion: Forward motion is defined as crossing the courtesy line with chips in your hand.

40. There is no splitting of pots; all hands must be played to completion.

41. Play-overs are allowed at Managements discretion.

42. At the request of player(s) at the table or Management, non-players or spectators will be asked not to stand near the tables.


Grand Traverse Resort & Casinos Reserve the Right to change, alter, or modify any event at any time without prior notice, and refuses the use of its facilities to anyone at anytime.

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