Much like the lottery, a progressive jackpot takes a portion of every qualifying bet and adds it to a winner’s pool. In most cases the casino starts the pool out with a small amount of money, often referred to as the “seed amount.” The progressive jackpot grows after every qualifying bet until it is won by a lucky customer. When a specific game event occurs, part or all of the pool is awarded and the progressive pool is reset to the original seed amount. Almost every progressive has a slight variation on what a qualifying bet is and how the jackpot is awarded. The rules for winning and minimum qualifying bet are displayed at each machine.

Samples of the progressive machines featured at Leelanau Sands Casino.


As of 10/17/17

#1 - $12,993.27
#2 – 10,382.10
#3 - $12,493.88

As of 10/02/17
Fu Dao Le - $10,381.74