Casino Etiquette and Rules for Table Games

Make the most of your time at the casino by knowing the etiquette of play before you arrive with these helpful tips from the staff at Leelanau Sands Casino.


To “buy in” on a game, simply place your cash or chips directly on the gaming table. Chips can be purchased from the gaming table or the cashier’s cage. Please keep in mind that dealers are not permitted to remove anything from a player’s hand.


Once you have decided how much you will wager on your next turn, place an appropriate number of chips in the betting area, where they will remain until the outcome is known. At the conclusion of each hand, the dealer computes the pay offs, paying the winning bets and taking the losing ones.


The dealer cannot redeem chips for cash. YOU must go to the cashier’s cage to redeem your chips for currency. You may ask the dealer to “color up” your chips, exchanging a smaller value chips for larger denominations, which makes them easier to transport to the cashier’s cage.


If you wish to present a token of your appreciation to a dealer, you may do so at any time during your table play. However, the dealer may only accept tips in the form of cash or chips. Please make sure the dealer is aware of any gratuity by noting it as such when you present it.


Please keep in mind that players are not allowed to touch the gaming cards at any time (with the exception of games where the cards are hand-held, such as Three Card Poker and Let it Ride). Should a player touch the cards, the dealer will issue a warning that may lead to the player losing his or her wager. Players are not allowed to lay purses, bags, wallets or other articles on the gaming table. The use of a cell-phone is not permitted at the table. Our professional gaming staff will be happy to answer your questions related to a particular game. In fact, we encourage you to ask. After all, the more you know, the more you can enjoy your gaming experience.


Blue: $0.50
White: $1
Red: $5
Green: $25
Black: $100
Purple: $500